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Wedding on the Point-Crosslake

I photographed the wedding of Kenneth and Cameo on July 25, 2020. The wedding took place at the groom’s parent's home on Little Pine Lake in Cross Lake. The morning of the wedding started out with golf for the boys and relaxing, hair, and makeup for the girls. I hung with the girls towards the end of their getting ready festivities. Cindy and her crew from Bliss Salon and Spa came to do the hair and makeup, and everyone looked fabulous, especially, the bride.

I set up an incredibly special private first look with the bride for both the father and groom. Cameo walked out onto the dock, tapped her father on the shoulder and I was able to capture perfectly the first time he saw her. This was an extra special moment as Cameo is Steve’s only daughter. After the first look, I captured the first look of Kenneth and Cameo and it was evident from every move, glance, and gesture that two of them are madly in love. From there, it was time to capture pictures of Kenneth and Cameo as well as family photos. Despite the high-temperature and even higher humidity, everyone put on their best smiles for the big celebration. Before the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal catered in from Manhattan Beach.

The ceremony was scheduled for just before sunset. An aisle with candlelit lanterns ran alongside the lakeshore and at the end, a beautifully crafted trellis crafted by the brides two brothers, book-ended with flowers and plants from the grooms mother’s garden. Following the lakeside ceremony was a small reception. After the cake and speeches, the tables were cleared, and the dancing began leading with the bridge and groom’s first dance. They danced to the acoustic version of “all you need to know” by Gryffin which was also the song that played over the speakers at the Rockefeller Rink in New York City the night at the end of October when he proposed to her.