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Just a walk in the Woods...Adam & Katie's Wedding

JUNE 8, 2019, Mother Nature delivered the perfect day, a day that little girls dream about for their wedding day. The sun was shining with a slight breeze, not a cloud in the sky and no rain in site. The weather made for the perfect day being surrounded by family and friends as they say their vows.

The wedding day started at The Woods, in Merrifield. The families rented two houses on the property so they could celebrate the entire weekend in style, the dog was even there!!! When I arrived in the morning, the bridesmaids were getting ready and helping each other out with hair and makeup. The cool thing is when one of your bridesmaids owns a new hair salon (Kate from Akila Hair Lab) is a pretty good reason why Katie's hair and makeup stayed perfect the entire day. The groomsmen were all piled into the "Cabin" on the property. They looked like they had the best time the night before, but I was happy to see they had all their clothes laid out and no one was missing a vest or tie, LOL.

St. Francis is such a beautiful church, and is in the middle of a major renovation. The main contractor on the construction project said he got married there 13 years earlier and knew the importance the "church wedding step pictures" and worked very hard to get them done, and guess what... he got them done just-in-time.

Do you know their proposal story? Here it is in summary...Adam’s family goes on a yearly fishing trip to Canada in June, and last year a friend of Katie's was getting married in Washington state. Adam and Katie decided to make the most of this by road-tripping across the country. When they made it to Vancouver, Adam said he wanted to find a seafood restaurant while we were on the coast. After eating they took a walk along the pier, which is where Adam got down on one knee! And the rest is history.

Congrats Adam and Katie, you two are a match made in heaven.